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Believe Kids Books | Doug Gaston | Landon Kemp
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Want your child (children?) to Believe in Themselves and in all they are meant to be?

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Believe Kids Books | Autism Speaks

The first 2 books in the BELIEVEBooks© Series have been released:

Believe! | Believe Kids Books | Doug Gaston | Landon Kemp

What would our world be like if key people in history didn’t believe in themselves?

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These books are not only for kids but also to encourage parents to believe in the magic inside every child.

Together we can change this world. Your child is a one-of-a-kind miracle with a mighty purpose to fulfill. BELIEVE! Books wants to be your partner in lifting up every child, to all they are meant to be. Buying a BELIEVE! Book not only fills your child with a good and meaningful message, but the proceeds of each book go to the specific cause designated. We can, together, change this world, one word, one picture, one beautiful life at a time.

Turtle Or Tortoise | Believe Kids Books | Doug Gaston | Landon Kemp

Sometimes we need a reminder that labels and looks don't matter - it's what's inside that counts.

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In today's world, it's hard to make sure your child gets the messages and values that you want instilled in them. BELIEVE! Books are designed to lift your child up and put good things inside them.

From a Happy Reader

"Believe! is both engaging and empowering. Readers will find themselves wanting to learn more about the real life characters, their personalities, their contributions and their struggles as they reached for their dreams, while creating a belief in themselves that they can do the same.” -Elizabeth Obrey, author & Advocate, The Arc of the OzarKs

SNEAK PEEK! Landon’s Cool Illustrations from Believe
Believe! | Believe Kids Books | Doug Gaston | Landon Kemp
Believe! | Believe Kids Books | Doug Gaston | Landon Kemp
Believe! | Believe Kids Books | Doug Gaston | Landon Kemp
Believe! | Believe Kids Books | Doug Gaston | Landon Kemp

All Proceeds From Book Sales Go To Worthy Organizations:

Autism Speaks | Believe Kids Books | Doug Gaston | Landon Kemp


Autism Speaks is dedicated to promoting solutions, across the autism spectrum, and throughout the lifespan, for the needs of individuals with autism and their families through advocacy and support. Their work enhances research, interventions, and understanding and acceptance of autism. A world leader, Autism Speaks is the leading voice for this magnificent cause.

Heifer International | Believe Kids Books | Doug Gaston | Landon Kemp

Heifer International

Heifer International’s mission is to empower families to turn hunger and poverty into hope and prosperity. By giving hungry families the livestock and the training it takes to feed themselves and their children, they become linked into sustainable agriculuture and commerce.

Believe! Foundations | Believe Kids Books | Doug Gaston | Landon Kemp

BELIEVE! Foundation

The BELIEVE! Foundation is devoted to the cause of lifting up the lives of at-risk and foster care children, through scholarships, mentorships, and other forms of outreach and collaboration. The BELIEVE! Foundation says to kids who need it the most: We believe in you and all you are meant to be - let’s make it happen!

Believe Kids Books | Doug Gaston


The creator and author of BELIEVEBooks©.

As author, public servant, and educator, DOUG GASTON is devoted to the cause of lifting up the next generation of children to heights even greater than they can dream.

Doug serves as judge in his home county in Missouri, including as Juvenile Court Judge, presiding over cases of abuse, neglect, and abandonment. BELIEVE! began as a way to touch those lives with mentors and scholarships. Doug is also the Founder and Chair of The Constitution Revolution©, an innovative, experiential educational experience for high school and college students.

Every part of Doug’s work is built on a simple premise: That each and every life is exceptional, valuable, and eternal. He knows that your child was created with a mighty purpose to fulfill in this life, and his greatest prayer is that these little books will be a small step on that beautiful journey to create a magical, exceptional, and victorious life for your child!

The creative illustrator behind BELIEVEBooks©

LANDON KEMP is the kind of guy who never “grew out of” his love of cartoons. As a cartoonist, aspiring animator, and all-around pop culture nerd on the Autism/Asperger’s spectrum, he has spent four years living in Texas, studying up on animation and cartoon art and generally trying to make sense of a world that he feels has gone mad.

When not at work, he can be found watching animation, surfing the web, writing opinion articles, playing video games, listening to classic rock and 80s music, reading comics, and indulging in his love of 80s-90s pop culture (especially if it’s obscure,) cute animals, demented humor, and watching guys make fun of cheesy old movies and other media. He also believes in the value of picture books and especially their illustrations when it comes to helping children learn to read and appreciate visual art. He currently resides in Springfield, MO, and Believe is his first book.

Believe Kids Books | Springfield MO
All proceeds from our first book, BELIEVE! will be donated to Autism Speaks, in honor of our illustrator Landon, and his family. BELIEVE! stands for the idea that any and every single one of us can become all we were created to be, if only we believe in ourselves and the magic of a purpose-filled life we were meant to have! Landon, and his creations, are the living, laughing, and conquering embodiment of that idea! It is our hope that your contributions will help create thousands more stories just like Landon’s!

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